Hi, I am Ayushi.

Hi, I’m Ayushi! I'm a techie-turned-product enthusiast.
When I’m not talking to users, analyzing their behavior, or creating product roadmaps, I’m able to wear many hats, including designing and building applications. I find it’s most important to focus on finding the right questions to ask. I spend time helping organizations and startups learn how to make human-centric products that users love to use.

I am currently doing my masters at UC Berkeley (MIMS, Class of 2025). Feel free to reach out if you have similar interests or just want to connect over a cup of coffee.

My Focus Area

With experience in all aspects of product management, I can own the complete lifecycle of the product right from problem discovery, to launch, and then iterate based on customer feedback.

Customer Discovery

I love talking to customers, performing user research, identifying user personas, understanding their needs and pain points, and synthesizing qualitative information to build new use cases.

User Experience & Growth

I am experienced in optimizing user conversion funnels, building wireframes, copywriting, and conducting in-depth design reviews. All to help improve KPIs, revenues, and user engagement.

First Principles Thinking

I break everything down to the simplest parts and think about it from the first principles. This lets me come up with creative & efficient solutions to seemingly complex problems. 

Data Analysis & Visualization

By looking at quantitative data and usage patterns, I can help uncover insights to improve product adoption and generate new streams of revenue.

On a personal note

Science Fiction

Science Fiction is my favorite! Space-time movies spike my adrenaline like nothing else.

Food Experiments

I love to experiment with food and you would always catch me trying out new cuisines every other weekend. It’s “bon appetit!” for mostly every other appetite in my world.

Personal Development

You’ll find me reading personal development books (Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, Atomic Habits by James Clear, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill) and learning one new thing at a time. For instance, these days I have been trying to learn Pottery. A few months back, I tried my hand at yoga and got completely hooked to it! The list goes on.

Netflix Lover

I love to binge-watch Netflix! The amount of content I consume is worrisome.

Song Recommendations

I’ve always had a good collection of songs to recommend to people, another proof of my stellar aesthetic taste. And yes, as you might have guessed, modesty does come naturally to me.


Being in nature’s lap gets me going. There’s something adventurous about being outdoors among all that green, and I’ve often driven my friends to develop this taste for the picturesque.
In short, I’m constantly working on being a better version of myself — and sniffing out fun ways to do just that.

What People Say About Me

I had the pleasure to work with Ayushi at Cerebra and I was impressed by her ability to pick up new skills quickly. She can rapidly drive impact as a product manager by establishing great rapport across a variety of teams and stakeholders. She is self-motivated and can lead tasks to completion with confidence. Ayushi easily managed multiple simultaneous product tasks such as user and market research, product requirements, and mediation with the tech team to prioritize the development of high-value features. Her detail-oriented approach to UX enabled our team to significantly increase user engagement. Ayushi not only created extensive BI dashboards for us but also provided important insights. Ayushi has always been an absolute joy to work with, I strongly recommend her for any fast-paced startup that needs a thoughtful, driven, collaborative, yet versatile team member to lead their product efforts.

Audrey Duet, Chief Product Officer, Board Member, Advisor

Ayushi’s ability to draw on her technical background, creativity, and empathy has made her an indispensable member of our product team and an asset to any quickly growing startup.
Ayushi was a proactive part of the product development process. She helped us articulate and hone our vision and also introduced new approaches to solving long-standing problems with product-market fit and user experience. She has demonstrated the ability to bridge the gap between product managers, developers, and designers with ease and has helped us move quickly as a team toward launching new products.
Ayushi’s technical background was an incredible resource for the product development team. I really enjoyed being able to draw on her expertise as a developer and data scientist to inform decision-making in product development. Her insight into our stack, our data model, and pipeline helped me design experiences that were usable, and intuitive but also performant as we could avoid making sub-optimal decisions around performance trade-offs.

Pero Petricevic, Lead Designer, Cerebra AI 

It was a pleasure to work with Ayushi at Clinical RnD, Forus. Her ability to bring forth solutions and insights to the problems at hand was phenomenal. She demonstrated all-round abilities for an R&D Intern which include learning relevant and challenging medical literature, taking up challenging problem statements, and leading meetings on the same. She has a can-do attitude and showcased herself as an ardent learner in all the projects that she was involved in, including the tenets of Bio-design Research and development. She was very responsible in taking lead on important projects which contributed to pertinent portfolios of the Medical Device and Imaging R&D. She is an able problem solver and doesn't hesitate to conduct additional market research before deep-diving into innovative solutions.
Ayushi is a thorough and efficient professional in everything that she is involved in. She will be a great addition to any Technical R&D engineering team.

Dr. Prakash Kamaraj, Lead AI and Blockchain Architect at Chingari